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Frank Lefkin

What is the Sears Tower in Chicago, Alex?


That's the World Trade Center - baby! That 2nd photo is looking down on one of the other buildings damaged or destroyed in the 9/11 attacks. Let me tell you, 110 stories is HIGH up there - no wonder you are holding onto the railing.

I thought it was another of those "Bob as a young Dorkas" photos until I saw the cool chick standing next to you.


Too easy. I had that pegged as the WTC right away. I never to go up in it. It was on my to-do list, but I was a little too late.


Too easy you say...well hopefully I'll get you in the next few.

And to the individual who thinks I am a cool chick, thanks.


Julie, is Bob allowed to grow a beard? As a bear-sporting inidividual myself, I think a beard would really suit him, but I know that the facial hair issue is one on which there are strong opposing lobbies.


deadlytoque - Bob has tried to grow a beard in the past but it doesn't fill in very well at the sides so he ends up triming it into a goatee. I don't mind the goatee, but don't think I'd like the full beard on him. We do have some photos of him with the facial hair, maybe one day he'll post one.

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